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Ceramics, glass, magnesia, decorative material

We want to grow with our exclusive brand in all markets and greatly expand our sales and customer service worldwide
We are currently looking for dedicated, independent partner partner partner partner partner representatives to find and maintain new customers in the dedicated furniture store market in Germany.
Your task will be to build lasting relationships with good, committed and reliable customers in Germany.
Tasks of the representative:
Sale of our exclusive, high-quality products made of ceramics, glass, Magnesia
Construction of a dealer and contract network in Germany/areas of Germany
Customer acquisition and market expansion
Contact, if necessary, to purchasing associations
Participation in trade fairs What you bring:
Enthusiasm for selling and building customer relationships
Work experience, good contacts and know-how in the German furnishing and furniture industry-u.

Skandinavien, UK, Ost-Europa
Provision 10 - 15%
Solingen Germany / 42

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