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The insertation Food supplements

"We are looking for sales representatives for dietary supplements and Vitamite throughout Germany. We would like to introduce you to the product, which is unique on the German market and allows the pharmacist to offer the younger (female) target group something special. Our portfolio of dietary supplements for (small) children based on natural ingredients. The brand is distributed pharmacy-exclusively in Germany and was placed by us within the first month at about 100 pharmacies. The product is characterized by its mild dosage, which is why it is also partially suitable for infants from 4 months. In this way, we are filling a gap in the market here. The Consumer Centre Bundesverband e.V. warns against the often too high dosage of most NEMes for children: 22 out of 26 (85%) of the products tested, at least one of the vitamins or minerals was above the reference value of the German Society for Nutrition for 4 to 7-year-olds...."

is offline. In the Sales market you'll find much more insertations.

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