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We offer the world's first design and photo horoscopes at a very attractive price.

Here is the offer text for our (so far) purely digital product:

"Choose your theme from over 200 designs... enter the dates of birth of you or your child... and we create your horoscope image in just 5 minutes - on request including your photo or your child's photo. In addition, you will receive a more than 100-page & lovingly designed ebook with texts on the dates of birth.

Learn more about astrology and more about your child... and about yourself. In addition, horoscope image + ebook are an ideal gift for birth, birthday,..."

We offer a commission of 67% for this globally unique product. In addition to horoscopes for children & adults, we also have horoscopes for dogs & cats.

No sale. No investment. Pure recommendation business. Ideal for blog operators... Influencers with larger Instagram or Pinterest profiles...

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